This page is about the monies. All about the monies. Monies can be used to pay for anything, such as strippers, food, clothes, items, spices, burps, sex, dogs, cats, birds, wuppies, pots, pans, water, cars, houses, space ships, LEGOs, books, iPhones, iPads, iPods, iFarts, all exploding samsung products, hoverboards, the limited edition of Back to the Belches 4, straws, beacons, pizza, pasta, spaghetto, GTA Online and all its overpriced items, a prepaid membership on the Fuck Wikia wiki, keyboreds, smosh, youtube, dashiegames, casey "libtard" neistat, luis herrera II, napkains, Jr Gorg Acolyte, tires (or tyres as those pathetic europeans say), sports equipment, such as baseball bats, balls, gloves, basketballs, footballs (feetball), soccer balls, tennis balls, hockey pucks, hockey masks, hockey sticks, coke, coke (a cola), pepsi (bepis), among other things. Should I keep going or is that enough? I think I should keep going, but for the sake of your time and this wiki, I'll keep it short (shourt) as the british fucks say. The mass has ended, gœ in peace.